Wednesday, September 16, 2009

day 208-365

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
The things that have been running around in my head the day of this photo. Our house is sold, where are we going to go? We have a few choices, weighing them out now. Should we stay, should we go? What if? But? That one is beautiful, oh but that one has 7 acres! 7 acres! Imagine the fun the kids could have. What gardens I could plant. But this one has character. Wow! 7 ACRES!!!! Always wanted to live on lots of land. But this one has 5 bed rooms. Oh my look at the land, out of the 7 acres it looks as if only 1 acre has been cleared. Oh the fun the kids could have. This one is cute. Oh it looks like a doll house, all it is missing is a white fence. But 7 acres, oh my!

I am not one for the unknown, when it comes to the things in my life that I can control. This unknown stuff is giving me headaches and tummy aches. Can't wait until we make up our minds. Almost there.