Monday, March 30, 2009 58-365

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Here I lay awake,
feel a bit broken today.
Nobody wanted the cake,
Why was I broken today.

Why did you have to go
To soon to leave us behind
Remembering last years tomorrows
Brings sorrow I tend to find

Took this photo today because it is how I felt when my Dad passed away 3 years ago. I was trying for the emotion in my photo with the lighting and texture to help create the mood. Even if it has been 3 years since he passed away, it still feels like yesterday. I guess it always will.

fast snap 57-365

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I didn't have time for a creative photo, so I took a quick in the mirror photo. When I finally had time on Monday to edit it I just cropped it square with a old photo frame, then removed some saturation. Something quick and simple so I could try out a the frame.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

natural lighting 56-365

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Trying out natural lighting in my house still. This is the same room as my "never stop dreaming" self portrait. I was facing the sliding glass doors. My sliders go all the way across the back wall of the room and behind me is our glass front doors. So it makes for great lighting. I have the back lighting from our entry way and the the diffused light coming in from my sliders in front of me. I added a texture just for kicks for me.

Friday, March 27, 2009 55-365

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Can you see me here
waiting to be heard
Will you find me there
watching a bird

I am waiting for you
feeling disposed
help see me through
I am so exposed

My little poem to go with my portrait. This was taken in my bathroom. It has a beautiful round window that lets the best light in around noon. I didn't do much to this photo, I only used a LR preset called Aged Photo. Then took the portrait into PS to be resized for the web.

Never Stop Dreaming! March 26th, day 54-365...

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Never Stop Dreaming! This is something I really believe in, once you stop dreaming it is like you have given up. There should always be that one thing you are driven to do. One thing that is just a dream that you are trying to achieve. Doesn't matter the size of the dream, or if the dream is realistic, as long as it is your dream, your passion, the things that make you tick. Never stop dreaming!

I was testing out the natural light in this room. I find the lighting very pleasing in most rooms of my house but this one is one of the best. Huge windows on both the back and the front of the room, so no matter what time of day it is there is always beautiful lighting coming in there. I used Michelle Black's LR preset called V! Revolution Natural Fade. Then added a texture in PS.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

day 53-365 still working on the.....

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I am still working from the 12 Ways to Add Randomness and Creativity to Your Photography web page. I rested my hands on my forehead and spun around, each time I would change the settings. I had lots of fun and became really dizzy. I took 60 pictures starting with the settings at ISO 100 f/4.0 1/13sec .....ending with my camera settings at ISO 100 f/22 1.0 sec... I will post some out-takes on my flickr tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

gotta wear 52-365

Well today I wanted to try to bounce 2 of my lights off of my wall to see what the light would be like. It turned out nice...I just think next time I will move off to the side more so you don't see the lights stands in my glasses.

Monday, March 23, 2009

day 51-365 zooming in...

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I got this idea thanks to Kina Williams. She posted a link on the hideout to a web page called 12 ways to add randomness and creativity to your photos. I saw this one Zooming in and out while taking the photo. It didn't turn out the way I was thinking it would. But I will try again and mess more with the camera settings. I added a texture since the zooming didn't work as I wanted, the texture added just enough for me to be happy with the outcome.

day 50-365 monkey and me (bokeh)

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I love my oldest son's stuffed animal, Monkey. My son doesn't really like him much (he is 11, says he is too old for stuffed animals) but my daughter and I love him. We take him room to room. I just got home from working my weekend job at chili's and saw she had Monkey on my bed. I left him there, went about the house doing my normal stuff after work, when I realized I didn't take my photo for day 50. I looked and saw Monkey again, thought to myself bokeh me. So there it is.

day 49-365, right before work

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I didn't have much time so I took a few quick shots of me putting on my makeup. I knew I would have time later to do something with it. So I messed with a few types of textures and saw how this one made my skin white and lightened everything else and you couldn't even see the texture anymore. I liked it, I kept it and now there it is.

48-365 window light and reflector

This one I took an hour away from my busy day to take a natural light photo. I tried a few ways to have the reflector and the window light. But I liked how this one looked when I was done. the window light is to the camera's left and reflector (this time I used a large white backdrop for it) was right in behind the camera. I just needed a little more light in my eyes. I will work on this lighting set up again.

day 47-365, editing photos..

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I didn't have much time today for a 365. I spent most of the day on my computer looking at fine details of each one of the photos from a recent shoot.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spin around 46-365

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I thought I would use the hideout's weekly theme for my 365 today. The theme was movement. Jessica Price said to "Get out there and dance, run, jump, spin, whatever...but shoot it!" This one was my favorite out of the few I shot today. I have out-takes on my flickr for those who what to see more. This photo I added a scratch texture and darkened the edges of the image.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

day 45 lighting fun

Tonight I wanted to try something that I have never done with studio lighting. The silhouette. I set it up with one light aimed at my white wall. The only thing I would do different is either have a black backdrop in front of me to prevent the light bouncing back onto me from the other wall or set up further away from the other wall.

Happy Birthday to my 44-365

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Well I would of loved a portrait with my husband on his birthday but he was taking a nap after a long day at Magic Kingdom. So I snapped a shot of my tired feet from too many Disney days. I really do need a photo with my and my husband together soon. It has been a while since we had a photo with just the two of us.

day 43-365 in the car..nothing big here

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Well another day on Disney vacation. Took this while heading to Animal Kingdom. Just wanted to get it out of the way because I would forget with the kids and their disney excitement. Only a few more days of vacation and I will be back to experiments with lighting, natural light and poses.

day 42-365, on my way to the Magic Kingdom

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Didn't want to forget my 365 for the day so I took it in the mirror of the car while waiting for my Mother to get something from Walgreens. I will be messing with lighting again soon, I promise.

Monday, March 16, 2009

At 41-365

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OK I did the shadow portrait now. Not sure what type of self portraits I wanted to do while on my vacation so that is how I came up with this one. I am sure you can tell what shadow is mine. Epcot is one of my favorite places at Disney. The great buildings in there make you feel like you are going around the world.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my oldest son...Day 40-365

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Well it is my oldest child's 11th birthday today....I figured we would set up a group shot here on the steps. There was a great place to prop up my camera and no one was around. I set it up had two of my three kids sitting on the step asked my birthday boy to join and he didn't want to so my youngest(my daughter) didn't either. So this photo for today is just me and one of my three somewhere in Hollywood studios. I set my camera on one of Disney's million green trash cans for this shot.

Day 39-365, Old Town.....

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Well it is my oldest son's birthday tomorrow(the 12th) and we will be going to Disney. So tonight we drove the little trip from our house to the hotel. We are staying at a place next to Old Town. Spent the late afternoon walking around Old Town and I found the best spot for my 365. In a huge monster truck tire. I am not much of a monster truck fan, but seeing this huge beast in person was fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Standing in the dry 38-365

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Well I went way out into my backyard today for my 365 photo. If my neighbors are reading this and you seen me out there today, this is what I was doing.

This was once a beautiful lake. It has been dry for years now but sometimes it is like a swamp out there. It would be so wonderful if it filled up again. But it made for fun photos today. This area would work well for a fashion style shoot. Maybe I will talk some of my friends to let me take fashion shots of them out there.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 37-365, the two lighting set up...

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Well I had a half hour today, so I set up my lighting for the two light set up. I had one light right next to the camera aimed straight at me and the other light at the camera's right aimed so that the light hits me and the background. I tried a few different set ups but with the yellow background this one worked the best. I am going to try the others again but with my black background.

Day 36-365, I need a drink.

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Yes, yes, yes...sometimes after working at chili's I just need a that is what I did, sat and drank my one drink before checking emails. I have some ideas for future 365 photos, just didn't have the time or energy the last few days.

Day 35-365, didn't have time..

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So yet again, another day where I worked all day with my kids and cleaning then had to work that night at chili's so I didn't really have time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

nothing too creative here today, day 34-365

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I didn't have much time for a creative or a productive photo today. So I took a picture of my eye. The eyes is the first thing I notice about a person. I feel that eyes, like finger prints, are unique. There are no two people with the exact same eye color. Close but never exactly the same. Well maybe identical twins, but I would have to see some identical twins to tell you if they are.

Lighting 101, day 33-365

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Since I did the one light set up the day before I figured that I should just go ahead and jump in again with the one light set up and a white board. I had my light in the same spot as the day before but this time I had a white board at waist height (on my dresser). I have a few other ways I am going to try this set up but this was the first one and I wanted to take the photo before I had to go to get ready to go work (at chili's) for the night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lighting 101: day 32 of my 365 project

Today I wanted to work on a one light set up. So I messed around with the one light. Moved it to the right a bit, moved it to the left. Shot it right at me, shot the light past me and then found a sweet spot for the light. I had the light just above me on the left side of the camera. With the light slightly aimed at me so it just grazed my face. I think later this week I might try this again but with a reflector added in the mix.

Lazy March 3rd, day 31 out of 365

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OK, OK....I was a bit lazy for day 31. I was sitting there watching American Idol when I figured I would just snap a picture of me doing what I love to do every Tuesday night. Music was and still is a very big part of my life. I sometimes miss playing the drums, and other times I don't miss it at all. When I watch American Idol it some how fills the void that formed when I sold my drum set. Keeps the music alive inside me, I guess you could say. I am not sure really how to put it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2nd, Day 30 out of 365

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Title of this image is "float away" I had the idea of balloons taking my kids up for a picture of them, but they didn't do well with it. So I did the idea for my 365.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 29, March 1st....Hand Talk

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Today I wanted to try my 18-55 with the wide angle attachment on it. It was fun...After about 20 minutes I stopped and looked at what I got and came up with this image. Oh the fun I have with Photoshop.

Day 28-365

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
Still want to work on natural lighting so I wanted to take an 8am photo, but I slept in. So I have a 9am photo here. The light is behind me and I have a refector to the right of the camera. All I did to this was make it black and white, resized and added logo for the web.