Friday, March 27, 2009

Never Stop Dreaming! March 26th, day 54-365...

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
Never Stop Dreaming! This is something I really believe in, once you stop dreaming it is like you have given up. There should always be that one thing you are driven to do. One thing that is just a dream that you are trying to achieve. Doesn't matter the size of the dream, or if the dream is realistic, as long as it is your dream, your passion, the things that make you tick. Never stop dreaming!

I was testing out the natural light in this room. I find the lighting very pleasing in most rooms of my house but this one is one of the best. Huge windows on both the back and the front of the room, so no matter what time of day it is there is always beautiful lighting coming in there. I used Michelle Black's LR preset called V! Revolution Natural Fade. Then added a texture in PS.