Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what a 183-365

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
I took this photo a few days is funny how it is my blog post for today. I tried to wake up early to help my oldest child learn how to wake up at 5 so he can make it to his bus stop for 6am. I didn't do too well. I remember waking up, walking into the living room, then the next thing I remember is hearing the shower start up. My oldest woke up at 7. I will have to remember this photo each day. The name of this photo is "sometimes you just have to drag yourself to do things". I created it by taking a few photos of myself laying down, then a few of my legs in jeans with my hand in a position to be pulling on my arm. I lined a few up and this one was the perfect match. I photoshoped it so my hand was around my arm and fixed the shadows so they connected. It was a fun one to mess with.