Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hideout July theme 151-365

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
Still working with the hideout monthly theme of 20's-40's style photos here. On this photo I used Michelle Black's PS action called Soft Bleach-Out Glaze. I adjusted it slightly to get the effect I wanted. With her PS actions she has layers for you to mess with. This one has 4 adjustment layers. Detail Contrast, Adjust Contrast, Soften/Brighten and Desaturate. I turned off the Adjust contrast layer, because I liked how it looked without that effect. Then I removed some of the detail contrast layer making it so most of the contrast was on the beads and not my skin. I then moved the desaturate opacity up just a bit and then on the layer mask for desaturate I made it so the beads had more color than the rest of the photo.

you can buy Michelle Blacks PS Actions by clicking here