Monday, June 29, 2009

day 142-365, brick wall mural

Originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography
I had an idea of a brick wall mural done with photoshop. So I set up my lights, put on heavy eye makeup, did my hair and added my clip on extensions that I have had since when I was in my old band, but only used the hair once. Put on my shorts and grabbed a few tops that I wouldn't be caught wearing now that I am not in a band. I then took the photo into photoshop and opened a brick wall photo that I have. I dragged the brick wall photo over to my photo so it was a new layer. Took that layer and changed it to multiply. I then copied the background layer (which was me) then I went to filters and put the effect glowing edges on my photo, I inverted that layer and also put the layer as multiply. Made the whites of my eyes brighter and then resized for the web. If you make one like this please show me :)